Wrapp It Styling Strips


  • FOR SLEEK STYLES – Wrapp-it strips are ideal for short hair and pixie cut styles. After applying pomade, lotion, or product of choice, wrap and secure the strip around the head from the nape of the neck for a smoother, sleeker hair mold.
  • SUPERIOR STRETCH – These hair wrap strips stay secure and comfortable on the head. Stretchy strips will to the contours of the head to produce a style free of bumps or creases.
  • TRUSTED STRENGTH – Wrapp-it strips won’t break or tear when tied but ensure a tight yet comfortable hold while your hair sets.
  • SINGLE-USE – Each strip is intended to be used once. These are perfect for at-home or salon use.
  • PROTECT THE HAIR – Wrapp-it strips can also be used as a base for quick or glue-in weaves to protect edges and baby hairs.

Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 6 in

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