Our Vision is to become the most innovative and comprehensive beauty & lifestyle product resource for the diverse individual and professional. We serve those who seek value, quality and products that work.

Mission Statement:

Drawing on our in-depth industry expertise and passion for beauty and grooming, we have made it our mission to support black-owned businesses while empowering the community from which we come from to grow and thrive.

About Us:

Black Beauty Supply Store exists to raise the standard of excellence when it comes to beauty and grooming products under one roof. As leading experts and long-time Bronx community members, we understand the value and scarcity of high-quality products and services. We are here to address the growing demand for the latest products while supporting our local and like-minded black-owned businesses. For beauty and barber professionals, we strive to be their first-choice supply shop when it comes to buying the latest products at the best value. With over 25 years of industry experience, we know what works, what doesn’t and what is worth your time and money. In our quest to deliver ultimate value with our inventory, we source our products for us by us, highlighting brands that align with our principles. We are knowledgeable, inclusive and determined to bring you the support and guidance you need to have when making a buying decision. We believe in products that don’t harm you or the environment. We are thrilled you’ve joined us as we nurture this platform into a national resource.

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